Current Status of Mongolian Fluorspar and Chinese Fluorspar

In recent years, the production of Mongolian fluorspar is increasing. In 2020, the output of Mongolian fluorspar was about 720,000 tons, accounting for 10.29% of the world output. However, due to the gradually severe pandemic in 2021, the amount decreased. In terms of quality, sufficient Mongolian fluorspar contains CaF2 at 80%, 85% or above 90% and low S and P, which is suitable for metallurgical industry and cement plants. YST (Tianjin) Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. is specialized in supply of Mongolian fluorspar with CaF2 content at minimum 85%. Spot fluorspar is available from our warehouse in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone.
The output of Chinese fluorspar tends to increase after a decline due to the pandemic and environmental controls. Compared with Mongolian fluorspar, Chinese fluorspar doesn’t have CaF2 content as high as Mongolian fluorspar. In China, there are more mines than Mongolia, but few mines produce fluorspar with high CaF2. Generally the mines produce fluorspar with CaF2 up to or above 65%.

Post time: Jul-01-2022