Fluorite Block

Fluorspar, the commercial term for fluorite (CaF2) is the principal industrial source of the element fluorine (F). Fluorite has a vitreous lustre, a perfect octahedral cleavage and a hardness of 4. The density of transparent fluorspar is typically 3.18 g/cm3 , depending on the abundance of fluid and solid inclusions, fluorite density may vary from 3.0 to 3.6 g/cm3 . Fluorite has a melting point of 1418°C.

The uses of fluorspar depend on its chemical composition, fluxing properties, and phosphorescence when heated and on its optical and gemlike properties. Its preparation involves separation from other minerals with which it is associated, the treatment including such processes as hand-sorting, crushing, washing, screening, jigging, and flotation, depending on the nature of the ore and the extent to which concentration is practicable.

The three principal industries in which fluorspar is utilized are, in order of importance, (1) metallurgic work, (2) the manufacture of opalescent glass and sanitary and enameled ware, and (3) chemical manufacture. Fluorspar is used directly or indirectly to manufacture products such as aluminum, gasoline, insulating foams, refrigerants, steel, and uranium fuel.

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Fluorite Block

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