Sufficient Stocks of Fluorspar in Tianjin Port during the Pandemic

As an essential industrial raw material in industrial production, Chinese fluorspar has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is not only supplied to domestic enterprises but also exported to overseas countries. Owning to its unique geographical advantage, Tianjin Port sends fluorspar cargos one batch after another every day. Located in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, YST (Tianjin) Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. keeps a warehousing level of spot fluorspar no less than 5000 tons. YST enjoys convenient transportation, only 5 kilometers away from Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone to the outlet of Tianjin Port. In order to ensure that the supply to clients is not disturbed by the pandemic, YST has established long-term strategic cooperation relations with a number of shipping companies and mines, which not only saves shipping time but also guarantees supply sources. Steady order processing is firmly ensured during the pandemic. At present, YST can supply fluorspar lumps (CaF2: 60%-95%, size: 0-80MM) and fluorspar granule (CaF2: 85%-95%, size: 2-10mm). Meanwhile, customized fluorspar products are also available according to clients’ requirements. YST has gained a good reputation in the industry over the years. YST fluorspar has become a reliable benchmark product in Tianjin Port. T holds on to its consistent excellent service.

Post time: Jul-01-2022