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Shape  Sand,Powder,Granular
Color  Green, Blue, Purple, White, etc.
Size  Customized 10-50mm or 0-10mm
Package  Customized or Bulk or Big bag jumbo bag
Supply Quantity  1000 mt/Month
Origin  China or Mongolia
HS Code  252921000
Third Party Inspection  BV,SGS,AHK,etc.

Product Detail

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We also provide Low-Grade Fluorspar raw materials accompanied with analysis reports. We can arrange processing according to requirements.
If you have a special order for low-grade fluorite, please contact us. We can provide third-party inspection, packing, space booking and other services.

Chemical Analysia

● CaF2:65% SiO2:30 %max S:0.03%max Lump/Powder/Sand
● CaF2:60% SiO2: 38%max S:0.03%max Lump/Powder/Sand
● CaF2:50% S:0.03%max Lump/Powder/Sand


1.What is the general lead time?
We have normal lead time 15-20 days. Urgent order, please contact our sales manager for further checking.

2.What is the average lead time?
General lead time for mass production is 35-45 days depends on quantity and seasons.

3.What kind of payment method do you accept?
T/T or L/C are most used payment method, other way please contact our sales manager.

4.How about the shipping fees?
We can offer FOB, CIF. More details please check with our sales manager.

5. What is the quality of fluorite packing?
We can offer jumbo big bags. The big bags are made of high-quality polyethylene material, It is waterproof and UV resistant.

6. Can you provide customs declaration and gate in of Tianjin Port terminal?
Sure,Our warehouse is only 5 kilometers away from Tianjin port, and it only takes half a day to complete customs declaration and gate in .

7. What is the minimum order quantity?

8. What is the quality of your fluorite?
Our fluorite is professionally processed and inspected by the third party. The quality of fluorite is very good
9.Can you provide fluorite in small packages
Yes, we can supply 100 kilos of fluorite per bag.

10. Can you provide the test report?
We can provide COA.

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